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Professional Adult Photography Service

Professional Photo Shoots For Public or Private Use:    


Photo Shoots Starting From £250.


  • Professional cameramen, who will guide and direct you.

  • 500-1000 unedited shots

  • Backdrops if required

  • Full professional lighting rig

  • Help & Advice

  • Professional Photoshop Editing Service

  • Optional Extras: Studio Hire, Model Hire, Make Artist  ​ 

The Process:

  1. We start by talking through what you want to achieve.

  2. Go through contracts and talk through your comfort level and boundaries of what you do and do not want to do.

  3. We suggest that the shoot takes place at your home, as this is where you feel most comfortable and relaxed, which is very important. It’s also where you have all your clothing and your own bathroom facilities to use. We will bring full backdrops and lights as you see below in the picture and set up our own studio in your home, you don’t need lots of room either. We try not to use studios to much as they are very clinical and the pictures look unnatural, nearly all of the pictures you see on our site have been taken either outside or in the girls home, not in a studio. If you do want to use our studio, fees start from £150.

  4. To have that professional magazine quality finish, the pictures will need Photoshop editing, so after the shoot they are fully edited. 

  5. The pictures will then be sent back to you to review and you choose from the edited pictures which ones you want to pay for, So you only pay for the best shots and only buy the ones you want! It's my job to make them all look stunning so you want to buy them all.


Professional Photoshop Editing Includes:  

Editing Includes: Photoshop Airbrushing, Enhancing & Sliming, Manipulation (including enlarging breasts, removing scars, adding or removing people from the scene, face-swapping) Lighting, Cropping, Deleting, Deleting the background out, Artistic design and general all-round perfection of the pictures.  


Private shoots not for the general public

Have your own private porn movie shot by SH Studios the professional experts. These shoots are becoming very popular, with couples and individuals alike. Shoots are completely safe and private and will never be seen by the general public. All requests/desires can be catered for, from the lavish to the extreme. A price of a private shoot can change dramatically due to the individual requirements from the very basic to the most extravagant. We talk to any prospective client to ascertain their individual requirements so that we can give them a tailor-made product-specific price.

Shoots are mainly held in the UK and Spain, although shoots can be anywhere in the world. We have worked in many exotic locations, Mexico, Thailand, LA, and Germany. Filming in dungeons and glamorous villas, private residences, all shoots can be done on location or studios, however, studios sets are cold clinical unnatural and make most girls feel uncomfortable, keep it real, real action, real situations, real locations, real action. The benefits of shooting at your home is that you feel relaxed there, and you have all your clothing and your own bathroom facilities. We will bring our studio to you, with full professional lighting rigs, cameras, and backdrops if required as in the picture below.


Celebrity Photo Shoots

We work with top celebrities and high-end professionals where discretion is of the utmost importance to them and us. Whatever happens between us, stays between us. Privacy and discretion are very important to all our clients and we guarantee that your pictures and information would never be published or shared with anyone else. We always act with the up-most professionalism and friendly manner, where you can speak openly about the most explicit of sexual desires and fantasies without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. We have done this all before and are here to help you, step by step, putting you at ease and making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. 

You get to see proofs of all pictures before paying for them. 

Travelling expenses will be charged at a basic rate to cover costs.



  • Apartment Hire, Classy, Clean, Modern, Trendy and Sexy

  • Extra Men (Black & White) £450 each

  • Extra Women (Black & White) starting at £950 each

  • Full film editing, Titles, Music, Cutting, and turning it into your own personal porn film


Many people want to have their own porn shoot but only for private use. We are very professional and discrete and everything we shoot will remain as yours. If you want extra girls or men in your film, disclaimers and contracts must be signed for everyone’s safety, this includes STD certificates by all involved.  (All models have STD certificates and if we will require them from you for their safety when other are involved disclaimers and public copyright forms* must be signed before shooting.)



We will film all genres as long as all participants are willing and over 18 years of age.

Will NOT film: animals, underage, drugs, unwilling participants, scat or blood.  

The shoot can be whatever you want it to be, we will help you to produce the porn film of your dreams!

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